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After the change of ownership, a Swiss watchmaker Rolex Air King Replica has devised a new method to finance the production. The idea is simple: watch lovers are invited to invest into the creation of a limited edition of watches. People who invest in the production of the limited edition watches will get a discounted price. Thomas Steinemann and his team's plan is clearly taking off as 78 investors have already raised nearly $175,000.

The sum is also calculated without any specific information about the watch. The promotional video by the company contains some visual clues, but never the whole timepiece. The watch has a round case,Rolex Air King Replica a black dial, a gear-shaped crown and bezel, and will also have a chronograph. But there are still many questions surrounding it. It is clear that the leadership of the new company has devised this marketing strategy to pique the interest of watch lovers. The brand's presentation of its new watch includes some general information, but does not go into specifics.

The overall style will be understated and restrained, with no wild or groundbreaking complications. The first collection and the subsequent collections of the relaunched brand, which has been in business for over 225-years, will all have certain universal traits. All mechanical timekeepers will be produced in limited editions of no more than 100 pieces. The price range will range from $6,400 up to $16,000. The shapes of the case will also vary between models. Some watch lovers who invest in the business will get the discount not only on the first edition but also for the next three years. The investment level will determine the length of the period and the discount.

After we have discussed the new concept, and the yet mysterious new editions, let's share some facts about the watchmaker. The story of the brand began a very long time ago, as was mentioned. Moise duBois, who began as a pocket watch dealer in La Locle in 1751, founded one of the oldest Swiss clock companies.Rolex Datejust Replica The name of the company was changed 34 years after Moise DuBois's death, and Philippe DuBois became the new head. In 1760, he took over production. Philippe DuBois' three sons were also heavily involved with the company and, in 1785, they decided to change its name to Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. The company was quite successful, and in the first 55-years of its existence it sold around 110,000 watches.